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They don't stay young forever

You say you want an Evolution?

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We found a real solution

Design the Future of Family

We are The Page Family - Bill, Joanne, Madison and Will.  We are busy executives with 2 kids in college.   Our time together is critically important to us as well as our time apart.  The BIG question - how do we each live rich, independent lives but still come together as a family?  The challenges of 24/7 "work engagement, growing school/social pressures, and the ever present social media/technology addiction had created a real competitive force that was eroding our family time and connection.  Our solve? - instead of fighting our reality we decided to embrace our reality and work with it...

As empty nesters, we  have learned to embrace this next phase of life and created of own concept of "Life Capital".  We encourage each other to be fearless in the pursuit of dreams, experiences and personal accountability BUT still make time for us as a family.   We created a system and executed a plan that has carried us into a connected and adventurous "next page" of our lives.  Since then we have grown closer as a family during a time when we watch many of friends struggle to remain connected. 

This is what we know: life is definitely richer when shared and to realize this richness you must invest in "Life Capital".

Our system has worked so well we would like to share it with you.  The time is now to design a dynamic life that grows with our expanding world.  


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Together Time.

The kids were growing up with questions about life, where it was going and what it was all about.  We were faced with a choice: intercede and over-parent or show them how independent, strong women and men live.  We decided to go with the latter. 

We felt we weren’t as connected as we needed to be, but knew we had to do it on their terms, not ours.  So we started taking them on trips, both business and pleasure, and introducing them to interesting people and places. Our intention was for them to experience what it means to be strong, successful and to pave their own way in the world. 

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Off they go! 

Letting go and allowing them to level up takes trust in the foundations we laid when they were young. 

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Now what? 

The last bird left our physical nest and although we felt a predictable sadness, we also felt excited for the new future ahead. 

Experience is Everything.

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Why re-invent the wheel? 

Let our experience help guide you into your next page life. 



Carving out time is important.  At home there are too many distractions. One way to make sure to have full attention is to get out of the home, travel to cool places and see the world.

SEE some cool places

About Us


Relationships are important to me.  I am a successful business woman that has been enjoying the demands of a global career and building relationships around the world for more than 20 years.  I love my work, and do it well. 

That said, there is no relationship more important than the ones I have with my husband and children.  Of late,  I've started to blend the travels for business with leisure time with my family.  When in London for work, they meet me for an extended weekend.  When on a business trip in Asia in the summer, they join me and learn.  "Bleisure" travel is the best and I have turned it into an art form for my family.  

Over the years my motto for travel has evolved to "go local or stay home".  No Hiltons/Marriotts/Malls/Tour groups for me.  Instead I look for luxury experiences that bring the local culture to life.  Where we stay, where we eat, where we tour, where we shop is a make or break on our adventures.  But the real magic is in HOW we do it.

my name is bill

Jo and I have been married for over 23 years, and one our places of initial attraction was our mutual love of family and travel.  I work in the highly technical field of satellite communications, am a lover of food, a consumer and brewer of fine beers and an "armchair anthropologist."   My work commute is filled with virtual historical exploration and I love moving into this next page of life in which I get to share my curiosity, knowledge and adventurous spirit with my wife and adult children.